Last Months Minutes

Chapter Meeting
January 19, 2019

Sorors Present (needed for quorum=25):

  1. Akua Amaning
  2. Robin Barber*
  3. Tiffany Bart
  4. Jennifer Beckett
  5. Alexia Crumpton
  6. Lois Daniels
  7. Darcel Davenger
  8. Nickie Dawkins
  9. Sheba Dunston
  10. LM Stephanie Forbes
  11. Tanzania Guest
  12. Denitra Henry
  13. Adrienne Johnson
  14. Monica Johnson
  15. Caryn Lesage-Jones
  16. Sandra Lowery
  17. Ronesshia Moore
  18. Shenninta Newman
  19. Genevieve Paul
  20. Rebecca Pindell
  21. Kelly Ray
  22. Stephanie Rich*
  23. LM Delores Routh
  24. Sonia Shakir
  25. Christy Singleton
  26. Charlotte Smith
  27. Tiffany Smith-Williams
  28. Tamara Stallings
  29. Claudia Thorpe
  30. Lie Ann Van-Tull
  31. LM Monique Waddell
  32. Adrienne Waite
  33. Sheila White
  34. Ingrid Williams

Total financial = 32 (quorum established)

Meeting called to order: 1:35 p.m.

Inspirational Message – Lois Daniels

Approval of Chapter Minutes – Denitra Henry

– Minutes also submitted online.

– I move that the December 2018 minutes be approved as submitted.

o Discussion consisted of including Soror Adrienne Waite as the contact for under committees and noting that the March of Dimes will be in Washington, DC at National Park.
o Motion was amended to include Soror Adrienne Waite as the contact for committees and include the location of March of Dimes. Motion passed.


First Anti-Basileus – Lie Ann Van Tull

– Report also submitted online.

– The LDS Mentorship program information has been sent out. Contact Soror Ingrid Williams for more information.

– Sorors are to indicate if they are attending Midwinter and/or Regional.

– Membership calls are the second Tuesday of every month.

– Upcoming membership events are bra-fitting and shopping (closer to regional time). The hope is to have Fall 2019 intake.

Second Anti-Basileus- Ingrid Williams

– Report also submitted online.

– Sorors are to wear a skirt or dress (no pants) as there will be an induction at Midwinter. The meeting will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. Suggested attire is all blue with gold stole. Note that the International Grand Basileus will be in attendance.

Grammateus – Shenninta Newman

– Report submitted online.

– $45.15 were the fees for Decemeber 2018.

– $24.24 were the fees for January 2019.

– Ending balance is $3798.14 (on hand). Pre NYE event ticket money has been submitted. We are still awaiting proceeds.

– Still working with Epistoleus team to develop sponsorship package.

– 2019-2020 dues report will be sent out to the listserv so that we may vote on it at the February meeting.

Epistoleus – Kelly Ray

– Report also submitted online.

– Newsletter has been sent out as well.

– All name badges and stoles will be available on Saturday.

Tamiochus Report

– Report submitted online.

Rhoers – Lie Ann Van Tull

– Report also submitted online.

– The goal is 20 financial Rhoers for the sorority year.

– The club will be supplementing Rhoer registration for regional. Any donations for them may be made via PayPal. Please denote that the donation is for the Rhoers.

Philos – Rebecca Pindell

– Report also submitted online.

– The Philo Skate Jam is February 23. Paper and electronic tickets will be available.

– The Philo Tea is October 12. The location is still TBA.

– The contact for popcorn orders is Philo Bettina Day.

– Five Philos will be attending Midwinter.

Parliamentarian – Tiffany Smith-Williams

– Report also submitted online.

– Please contact Soror Ceresh Perry or Soror Tiffany Smith-Williams if you are interested in being a delegate at the regional conference.

Basileus – Nickie Dawkins

– Report also submitted online.

– Vision board event on Sunday, January 27 at Severn Library.

– The MLK Parade is postponed until April 13. The MLK breakfast is still Monday. Attire is royal blue beneath the gold blazer.

– There will be a mixer on Friday before Midwinter at Uncle Julio’s at Columbia Mall from 6-9 p.m. Diapers and wipes will be collected that the mixer and at midwinter.

– The Youth Symposium is March 8-9. The contact is Soror Newman and Soror Adrienne Johnson.

o March 8 is at Georgetown East from 8 am to 12 p.m. March 9 is at Robinwood from 1-4
o Committee calls are Thursdays at 8 p.m.
o The Theme is “Creating a Safe Space for Young Adults.” A call for presenters will go out
to the chapter on February 1.

– Save the Date for May 4th for the Day Party. The chair is Soror Adrienne Waite.

– Soror Adrienne Waite will be one of the presenters for “Gold Table Talk” on Tuesday, January 22 at 9 p.m. EST. Her discussion topic is how to grow your chapter.
– Soror Dawkins attended an Area 1 basilei brunch. The local chapters hope to sync calendars and garner more support amongst the chapters in the area.

Meeting Adjourned: 2:47 p.m.

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